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Reflections has articles from across Gowrie Australia on Early Childhood Education and Care and is reflective of national practices and issues.  The Reflections magazine is now available in digital format.

Current issue: Issue 8 – 2017 Featured Article: “Building Collaborative Partnerships to Support Children’s Success” by Amy Prisco (Broadmeadows Valley Primary School), Kaye Fletcher (ACEP), Nicole Pilsworth and Stephanie Tomlin (Gowrie Victoria)

Previous issues:

  • Issue 1 – 2016 Featured article: “Ongoing Professional Learning – An Essential Ingredient!” by Ros Cornish, CEO Lady Gowrie Tasmania
  • Issue 2 – 2016 Featured article: “Play Based Learning: Where do Educators fit?” by Hannah Barber, Gowrie Victoria
  • Issue 3 – 2016 Featured article: “Community Connections: Sharing Social Responsibility” by Kristin Falzon, Gowrie Victoria
  • Issue 1 – 2017 Featured article: “Learning Environments: A Sensory Landscape” by Sabina Klepp, Gowrie Victoria
  • Issue 2 – 2017 Featured Article: “Messy, Mobile Making: Considering Creative Technology for Early Learners” by Cathy Hunt, Educational Consultant, Presenter, Author and Visual Arts Teacher.
  • Issue 3 – 2017 Featured Article: “Creating a Sense of Emotional Security Through Scripts and Stillness” by Rosemary Mensforth, Team Leader, Mallee Integrated Infant Toddler room, Gowrie South Australia.
  • Issue 4 – 2017 Featured Article: “Children’s Right To Be Included” by Natalie Gentle, Team Leader Inclusion Program, on behalf of the Inclusion Agency at Gowrie South Australia.
  • Issue 5 – 2017 Featured Article: “Enhancing Relationships Through Gratitude in the Early Childhood Context” by Dr Kerry Howells, Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Pedagogy at UTAS.
  • Issue 6 – 2017 Featured Article: “Young Children and Metacognition: Thinking About (and Talking About) Thinking” by Desley Jones, Director of Ballymore Community Kindy, Brisbane.
  • Issue 7 – 2017 Featured Article: “Grow Your Service by Growing Your Leadership” by Kaye Colmer of Gowrie South Australia.

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This newsletter was developed to highlight and share great practice in early childhood education and care services, and to respond to common challenges and opportunities facing the sector.