For those who teach and care for children, Gowrie Victoria champions good early childhood education and care. Because when children learn, we all grow.

Our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Gowrie Victoria’s purpose is to champion good early childhood education and care. An integral component of this purpose is creating a child-safe learning community that promotes the wellbeing, education and development of all children. We are committed to ensuring children’s best interests and keeping them safe by:

  • Having a zero tolerance for child abuse
  • Actively listening to and empowering children
  • Acknowledging the critical importance of children, parents and educators as partners in a learning community
  • Respecting and integrating the diverse cultures of children and families
  • Developing a strong sense of belonging to help children feel safe and secure in their environment
  • Encouraging each child to develop resilience, self-confidence, a positive self-esteem and positive self-worth