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September 14, 2022

EC Workplace

Building a positive workplace has become a crucial aspect of the early childhood sector as organisations and centres strive to […]

Children's Programs

Connection is proving to be the common thread in a fashionable new project at Carlton North. Koo-Koo Couture was created […]

Children's Programs, Featured

When Miss Jay first appeared for Storytime at The Harbour during Pride Month, wearing a flamboyant purple and orange dress, […]

Children's Programs, Featured, Professional Development

Teaching children about body safety, respect and consent starts early at Gowrie Victoria. At each of the services, discussions and […]

Children's Programs, Featured
July 6, 2022

The power of language

Learning a new language has become a central aspect of life at Gowrie Broadmeadows Valley.  In a suburb where more […]

Children's Programs, Featured

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