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February 10, 2022

From Kinder to School

There are many benefits to the co-location and close working relationship between Gowrie Docklands Kindergarten and Docklands Primary School. Adam […]

Children's Programs, Featured

Two years adjusting to COVID-normal has no doubt been challenging for all of us in the Early Childhood Education and […]

Children's Programs, Featured
November 11, 2021

Spencer the Fence

Spencer is our fence at Gowrie Carlton Learning Precinct and the creation of Narae Seong. Narae created the cartoon to […]

Children's Programs, Featured

This year in Kinder A Gowrie Broadmeadows Valley, the children have demonstrated high interest in animals and have shown great […]

Children's Programs, Featured

During COVID, we’ve all had to learn to adapt. To keep us safe, we’ve had to look at ways to […]

Children's Programs, Featured

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