At Gowrie, we believe in real-world experiences and that people learn best by observing, reflecting and doing.  There’s no better example of this than our new team of Gowrie Trainees.  They study towards their qualification one day a week through Gowrie Victoria’s Registered Training Organisation and work alongside our educators the rest of the week. 

Everyone has different motivation for embarking on a career in early childhood.  Amy had experience teaching calisthenics and worked in a children’s party shop.  She knew she was passionate about working with children and couldn’t wait to start a career in early childhood after school.  She’s enjoyed getting to know so many new people and especially seeing how each child is unique and individual.

Itsuho had already been a nanny and wanted to obtain a formal qualification and also work within a team in an early childhood service.  She’s enjoyed observing Gowrie educators, learning how to interact with children and their different personalities.

Lauren’s sister works as an early childhood teacher and as she was contemplating a career change, she liked the idea of a varied role where every day would be different and joyful.  She’s amazed how resilient children are and how educators come across new situations all the time and adapt to each child.

Our new team of Gowrie trainees have now completed their first two weeks.  There’s a lot to learn in the beginning as they become familiar with things like documentation, record keeping, checklists, protocols and support plans, and learning to play has been a lot of fun too, getting creative, reading with animation and exaggeration, and creating interesting learning spaces. A few things surprised them. Some didn’t expect that children could share all spaces and play outside as they wished.  Learning about following children’s interests and encouraging them to be independent has also been really interesting, and understanding the importance of forming strong relationships as new educators and how to do this with children and families as well as with each other.   

We’re really proud of the great impression our new team of Gowrie Trainees have made so far and the great start to their new career in our sector.  We wish you the very best for the program.

If you’re interested in taking on a new trainee or already have a fantastic candidate in mind, Gowrie’s RTO (ID: 3900) can assist with the delivery of either the Certificate III or Diploma accredited qualificationsCall Jenny on 1300 446 974 or e-mail