• Early Childhood Services – could traineeships be a part of your workforce strategy? Could Gowrie assist you with this?

• Services in Regional Victoria – could Gowrie run a class in your area and assist you with your traineeship program?

• New trainees – be employed as you study towards your qualification

Roles in early childhood are hugely rewarding but the sector faces a real shortage of qualified educators. Traineeships are one solution to this. They are a great way for new educators to enter the profession as they are employed as they study. The government offers financial incentives to employers which means early childhood services could access incentive payments and there is also a wage subsidy currently available.

At Gowrie, we believe in real-world experiences and that people learn best by observing, reflecting, and doing. We support trainees who study towards their qualification with our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and work alongside educators the rest of the week. Some work in Gowrie services and others work in services closer to home.

As we already recruit and support many trainees, Gowrie can help manage the recruitment process and ensure you find the right candidates for your service. We can help you navigate the admin and paperwork and explain what needs to be done to ensure the success of the program. If your service is in Regional Victoria, we will also find other nearby services to help make a new class viable.

What are the different trainee programs?
Melbourne-based trainees attend a weekly Gowrie class in Docklands and then work at their service the rest of the week. They start at different stages of the year.Regional Victoria-based trainees attend a local Gowrie class fortnightly or monthly and weekly evening tutorials on zoom. They work in their local service the rest of the week. They start at different stages of the year.
Groups of trainees – if you have several trainees, we could support you with a customised program specific to your plans, policies and procedures and deliver this at your site.School-based trainees attend a weekly Gowrie class in Docklands and work at their service one day a week. They attend school for the remainder of the week. They start in February each year.

Trainees are members of staff. They will attend classes weekly or fortnightly and then apply their learning at the service. As they are learning, they should be mentored through the process and be able to observe and reflect with qualified educators. They may be in a support role initially and not be counted in ratio until they have more experience. 

Just like Amy, Itsuho and Lauren, who are all Gowrie trainees, everyone has different motivation for embarking on a career in early childhood. 

Amy had experience teaching calisthenics and worked in a children’s party shop. She knew she was passionate about working with children and could not wait to start a career in early childhood after finishing school. She has enjoyed getting to know so many new people and especially seeing how each child is unique and individual.

Itsuho had already been a nanny and wanted to obtain a formal qualification and work within a team in an early childhood service. She has enjoyed observing Gowrie educators, learning how to interact with children and their different personalities.

Lauren’s sister works as an early childhood teacher. She was contemplating a career change, she liked the idea of a varied role where every day would be different and joyful. She is amazed how resilient children are and how educators handle new situations and adapt to each child.

If you are interested in taking on a new trainee or already have a candidate in mind, or if you just have questions and want to find out more call Jenny on 1300 446 974 or
e-mail jennyc@gowrievictoria@org.au