It didn’t take long for Sagah Ramadan to realise she wanted to build a career at Gowrie Victoria. As she comes to the end of her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care studies, Sagah is enthusiastic about the possibilities.

“I really feel like the Gowrie philosophy aligns with mine, and I wanted to be able to contribute more,” she said. “Things like learning through play, and indoor/outdoor education – that’s the way I grew up with my family and I understand how that learning can happen and work for children.”

Enrolling in Gowrie’s Diploma course, six years after completing her Certificate III, seemed like the next logical step for Sagah. “I really wanted to extend my leadership skills,” Sagah said. “This will allow me to apply for roles in leadership support and have more of a managerial input into the organisation.”

Sagah said the support offered throughout the course had been extremely encouraging. “Gowrie is so supportive of trainees,” she said. “When you start studying, you are given time off the floor for homework, mentoring support, and space to meet with room leaders and ask any questions along the way.

“If working with children is a career that you’re interested in, then I would highly recommend doing the Diploma course with Gowrie to improve your knowledge and enhance your leadership skills.”

Manager, Gowrie’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Anna Frisch said the new Diploma course was a great opportunity for Certificate III qualified educators to upskill, and further their knowledge and career prospects. “Key focus areas include curriculum, holistic learning and development, facilitating compliance, inclusion, partnerships and improving practice,” Anna said.

The new CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is only accessible to educators who have already completed CHC30113 or CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Anna said employers could offer existing Certificate III educators the opportunity to complete the Diploma as a trainee, with significant Federal Government incentives available. “Or individuals may choose to complete the Diploma as part of their own self-development outside of their employment,” she said. “Classes run for about 12 months, one day a week on a Thursday at Gowrie Carlton North.”

The mid-year intake of Gowrie Victoria’s Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is due to start on June 2. It consists of a combination of theory-based training and practical implementation in the workplace. Placements can be organised by Gowrie Victoria and supported by regular visits from a Gowrie Victoria trainer.

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