“I get to learn new things and play with my friends when I’m at Gowrie.”

Early childhood education may seem like mere child’s play to some, but for children it is an opportunity to wonder and explore, create and collaborate, and make sense of the world around them.

Early Learning Matters Week is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on the work of our early childhood educators and the difference the profession makes in children’s development, wellbeing and learning.

Now in its fifth year, the week is organised by Early Childhood Australia to bring together educators, parents, carers and community, and raise awareness and understanding of the importance of early learning.

Carlton North Educational Leader Ally Partridge says there has been a strong push to elevate the sector and share the depth of knowledge, dedication and passion that educators possess.

“We want people to really understand what we do and why we do it, and how much we put into it,” Ally says.

This year’s theme of Learning through Play has been embraced at each of Gowrie Victoria’s services with a focus on different types of play and the value for children’s learning. This includes imaginative play, arts and crafts, risky play, music and movement, and sensory play.

“Our play is guided by children’s interests, with educators learning alongside children as we follow their curiosity,” Ally says. “We then scaffold their learning by using the iPad to research, reading stories, or creating something, linking it in with sustainability, or First Nations’ Perspectives, or other elements of our pedagogical framework.”

The aim is to support children to enjoy learning. “Play is how they explore the world,” Ally says. “When they’re introduced to learning in a fun and engaging way, they grow this love for learning and an inquisitive nature becomes part of their identity.”

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