The Department of Education and Training (DET) in Victoria, in collaboration with the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education in China, is pleased to invite applications for an exciting new knowledge exchange program that will see participants visit Nanjing No.1 Kindergarten (NNK) in Jiangsu Province, China.

About the program

The Nanjing No.1 Kindergarten (NNK) Knowledge Exchange Program will see three Victorian early childhood teachers (ECTs) undertake a pilot knowledge exchange program at Nanjing No.1 Kindergarten in 2018.

This exciting opportunity will allow participants to:

Under the guidance of a DET group leader, participants will undertake an action research project where they will critically analyse an educational practice or pedagogy and reflect on approaches to implementation across differing cultural contexts.

Participants will share their findings upon their return to Victoria at an appropriate early childhood forum.

DET will fund the program including flights, hotel accommodation and a daily allowance. Pro-rata relief teaching backfill for time spent in country and attendance at program commitments will be provided for approved participants.

About NNK

Nanjing No.1 Kindergarten is the oldest and largest kindergarten in Jiangsu Province, China and is widely respected for its innovative approaches to early childhood education and care.

As the first certified Chinese/English bilingual early childhood service in Jiangsu Province, NNK places great value on knowledge sharing with international education organisations and has previously hosted ECTs from the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

The Nanjing Early Childhood Development Research and International Exchange Centre is co-located on campus and aims to create an international hub for early childhood excellence. As well as providing innovative learning environments for the children, the Centre conducts collaborative research programs. A recent project has seen NNK build its own ‘Children’s Museum’ for children to explore, discover and initiate their own learning.

How can I apply?

The Department strongly encourages all eligible early childhood teachers to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Acceptance into the program will be determined through a competitive application process. This will include a written application and interview that will be assessed by a selection panel.

Applications for the program have closed.