Hoping to start your career in early childhood education and care?

Whether you’ve recently left school, you’re returning to the workforce, or just looking for a change of career – a qualification in early childhood education and care could be for you. You’ll join a sector that has a high demand for early childhood employees and unlimited potential for career growth in a rewarding environment.

Gowrie trainees could improve your workforce

If you’re an early childhood education service, Gowrie can provide you with high-quality trainees to expand your workforce. The Australian government offers financial incentives to employers, which means that early childhood providers can access incentive payments and a wage subsidy when they employ a trainee.

If you are interested in becoming a trainee, taking on a new trainee or already have a candidate in mind, or if you just have questions and want to find out more call Jenny on
1300 446 974 or e-mail jennyc@gowrievictoria@org.au