The Gowrie Victoria Directorship Team is a diverse group who are fully committed to guiding the strategic direction of the organisation today and for the future. The Directorship Team comprises Board members, members of the executive and, from time-to-time, various supporting advisors. The Board members bring a wide range of skills and perspectives around the table and share their passion for the purpose and vision of the organisation with the entire Gowrie Victoria team and community.

The Directorship Team comprises the following members:

The Board
Paul Geyer, Chair
Kim Rowe, Treasurer
Joel Cohen, Director
Dr Sonia Sharp, Director
Marija Maher, Director
Mia Bromley, Director
Michelle Bruggeman,  Director

Executive Team
Andrew Hume, CEO
Nicole Pilsworth, Early Learning Manager
Charmaine Vanderbeek, Adult Learning and Marketing Manager
Sue Chamberlain-Ward, People and Culture Manager
Paul Hodgson, Commercial Manager

Life Members

In addition to the Directorship team Gowrie Victoria is proud to have a committed group of long time supporters known collectively as our Life Members. Life Membership is awarded to individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the organisation and is by invitation of the Board.

Our current Life Members are:
Jenny Acton
Joan Waters
John Emmerson
Maureen Savage
Sue Harper
Gilda Howard
Heather Barnes


If you would like to contact a member of the Directorship Team or one of the Life Members, please contact Chris Booton, Board Secretary on phone (03) 8624 1000 or email at