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A coaching conversation helps unlock potential through raising awareness and supporting an individual to identify their own goals, articulate their current reality, explore options for development, take action and form habits. A coaching conversation requires active listening, skillful questioning, and a high level of emotional intelligence.

At Gowrie we talk about a culture of coaching. This is one where a coaching approach is adopted in a wide variety of interactions. It happens formally through a specific program or in  meetings between a leader and a team member. It also happens informally, as a way of working and engaging, to embed learning and develop skills and capabilities.

Coaching is invaluable for developing people, and is a key component of the 70:20:10 learning model that Gowrie supports:

  • 70% comes from Experiential/Experience – learning and developing through day-to-day tasks, challenges, and practice.
  • 20% comes from Social/Exposure – learning and developing with and through others from coaching, using personal networks and other collaborative and co-operative actions.
  • 10% comes from Formal/Education – learning and developing through structured courses and programs.

Gowrie works closely with Growth Coaching International (GCI), a specialist coaching and coach training organisation, to train our leaders, coaches and mentors to be skilled coaches.

There are various coaching models that provide a framework for coaching conversations. The model that Gowrie Victoria endorses and uses is the GROWTH model utilised by Growth Coaching International. Although this is a framework and not a script or formula, it provides a structure that supports the purpose and outcomes for coaching conversations.

GoalThis is where the coachee gains clarity about what they want to achieve or where they want to be regarding the topic that they are being coached in.
RealityThis is where the coachee explores what they are currently experiencing and helps establish where they are in relation to where they want to be as a starting point for positive movement.
OptionsThis is where the coachee explores a range of options for moving toward to where they want to be and is a time for divergent thinking. It aims to increase the coachee’s sense of control and helps them assume responsibility for taking action.
WillAfter exploring many possible options, this is where the coachee starts to focus on their preferred options and commits to taking action.
TacticsNow that the preferred options have been identified, the coachee now gets more specific and identifies precisely what they will do, how and when.
HabitsThis is where the coachee identifies what is required for sustained success, through exploring the resources, attitudes and support that may be required to see their actions through.

Our team of consultants can also provide in-service consultancy or customised coaching or workshop sessions to develop understanding of the National Quality Standards or these focus areas:

  • Planning and documentation
  • Guiding children’s behaviour
  • Creating engaging learning environments
  • Engaging with families and communities
  • Including children with additional needs
  • Child Safe Standards
  • Leadership support
  • Understanding the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF)

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