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We value children at the centre of our programs and practice.

At Gowrie, we believe children are strong and capable. We believe that all children have the ability to succeed. We encourage children to be active in their own learning and we actively engage children in decision-making. This might be about where they choose to play, what and when they will eat through to how they think the learning environments should be designed.

Children are encouraged to take calculated risks and connect with Country and the natural world. We engage children in thinking and learning about First Nations perspectives and how these intersect with their emerging understanding of the world. We engage with our local communities outside the walls of a service, engaging in On Country programs, participating in local events and contributing to community decision making.

Out and About

Clare Court

Our Out and About Program provides a unique opportunity for children to engage with their local community and involves spending long periods of time in Cruickshank Park, Stony Creek, and McNish Reserve. Children also visit the local shops, Williamstown Beach, and other places.

Storytime with Miss Jay

The Harbour

Miss Jay is now a regular at The Harbour’s storytime sessions, which are open to all ages and families — and the children couldn’t be happier. These sessions celebrate Gowrie’s philosophy of inclusion and equity.

Arabic Language Program

Broadmeadows Valley

In a suburb where more than 60% of residents speak a language other than English at home, the language program is an engaging way for children to share culture through songs, games, cooking and reading.

 Indigenous Perspectives Program

All Services

The importance of connecting to Country is a key element of our practice and we provide a range of opportunities to foster a caring and respectful connection with the land on which we learn and play.

Consent Education

All Services

Teaching children about body safety, respect and consent starts early at Gowrie Victoria. At each of the services, discussions and activities around body boundaries are wide ranging.

Risky Play

All Services

The element of risk is a crucial part of play for children in the early years, allowing them to explore and challenge their own limits and capabilities and foster greater confidence, creative thinking and curiosity.

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