While studying your qualification with Gowrie Victoria, you will have access to a range of services and support, including academic support, counselling services and language, literacy and numeracy support. Read our Learner Handbook which will provide you with all the information you need about being a student at Gowrie Victoria.

Skills Recognition

You may have broad skills, life and work experience, informal learning or incomplete formal learning that you may be able to gain credit for towards a qualification in Early Childhood and School Age Education and Care. If you are a current or prospective learner, you can apply to have your skills recognised, and you may be able to complete your qualification in less time. This can be done via direct Credit Transfer, Recognition of Current Competency, or Recognition of Prior Learning.

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer is the recognition of specified learning previously undertaken where equivalent units of competence have been successfully completed. Gowrie Victoria recognises only formal documentation such as official certificates of completion (testamurs), record of results and/or statement of attainments. All documents must be either in their original form or a certified copy of the original document.

Recognition of Current Competency

Recognition of Current Competency is the assessment of a learner’s current capacity to perform. It applies if a student has previously completed the requirements of a Unit of Competency and is now required to be reassessed to ensure that the competency is being maintained. This is particularly relevant where there is a requirement for an occupational license or ticket in order to practice in the skills area, e.g first aid.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that assesses whether the skills and knowledge you already have count towards recognised qualifications. This may be relevant if you have:

  • work experience in the children’s services sector (paid or unpaid)
  • community work experience
  • gained prior formal training, skills and knowledge
  • other relevant life experience.

To support your RPL application, you will need to provide evidence such as work appraisals, job descriptions, photos and work sample, relevant formal qualifications, resume and references, evidence of participation in professional learning sessions, eyewitness testimonies.

If you are unsure whether your prior learning is relevant and you would like to discuss your experience with our team, please contact us today.

Placement and Assessment Program

Learners completing Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma level qualifications will be required to complete placement hours. This is a terrific opportunity for you to gain guided experience within the early childhood education and care industry, whilst practising and developing the skills you have acquired throughout your course.

Placement can be voluntary or it can take place at your current workplace, depending on your circumstances.

  • Certificate III and Certificate IV level leaners are required to complete at least 240 hours of placement.
  • Diploma level learners must complete a minimum of 360 hours of placement.

A Gowrie Victoria Assessor will visit you throughout the duration of your qualification to assess your workplace skills. Should you require assistance with finding placement, please contact us.


Australian Apprenticeships (traineeships) are the best way to combine training and employment for employees wanting to achieve nationally recognised qualification.

A traineeship is a signed agreement between an employer and an employee in which the trainee agrees to learn the skills needed for a particular occupation or trade. Traineeships are available to anyone of working age, including school-leavers and those re-entering the workforce, and do not require any entry qualifications.

Gowrie Victoria supports employees wanting to undertake a traineeship whilst employed in the early childhood services. For more information about traineeships visit the Australian Apprenticeship website.

If you would like further information or require any assistance contact us today.

Audit Result and Compliance

Registered training organisations are audited by their relevant registering body on a regular basis. To view Gowrie Victoria’s most recent audit report, click here.

ATQF Questionnaire Data Report

Each year, all learners and employers associated with Gowrie Victoria are independently surveyed to provide feedback on course content, trainers, assessment and communication. Registered training organisations must publish a copy of their most recent AQTF Quality Indicators in relation to Learner Engagement, Employer Satisfaction and Competency Completion.

These indicators are based on a survey of 72 learners and 4 employers.  The learners and employers surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organisation in accordance with national guidelines.

Gowrie Victoria is committed to continuous improvement and uses the reports to review and revise its processes to deliver high quality learning experiences for learners.

Some of the comments provided by learners and services regarding the 2016 course year include:

Best aspects of course:

“The trainer, she was absolutely amazing. She taught us really well and was available when need. She is excellent.”
“Good discussion and use of day to day examples for ease of understanding  – Good holistic views of early childhood education
“The on the job assessments were motivating and made it interesting.”
“The trainers them selves were wonderful and helpful.”

Suggestions for improvement:

“Some of the assessments had a lot of work which could be challenging whilst working full time.”
“More information in some of the clusters. More detail information for some of the areas. Looking at assignments in class more. “
“Assignments 6, 7, and 8 all come too close together. Nice to have more time to complete without compromising quality of assignment.”