Aiming to achieve your full teacher registration but unable to find a mentor? Contact us now as we’re enrolling for 2024!

On behalf of the Victorian Department of Education, Gowrie Victoria is offering a free mentoring program for early childhood provisionally registered teachers (PRTs) to reach full teaching registration with the Victorian Institute of Teachers (VIT).

VIT requires teachers who hold provisional registration to move their practice from the Graduate to the Proficient teacher level of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) within two years.

The program lasts around three to five months. It includes three onsite observation and reflection sessions. In between sessions, mentors provide support on any areas to develop further, to gather evidence of professional practice and to complete an Inquiry Project. Once complete, the Inquiry Project is assessed by a panel of teachers, supported by the mentor.

Want to know more?

  • Lauren describes how her mentor supported her to complete her Inquiry Project and develop as a teacher and leader at her service.
  • Watch some of our mentors describe their work and what happens during the program.
What’s Next?
Contact Gowrie to enquire about finding a mentorWe’ll talk you through the process and ensure you understand the commitment required. If you’re eligible for support, we’ll connect you to an experienced Gowrie mentor who’ll support you through the process.
Initial meeting with your mentorYour mentor will arrange a date and time to meet either in person or online to get to know you and discuss initial ideas on your Inquiry Project. 
Develop a question for Inquiry and Action PlanYour mentor will support you to develop a question for inquiry and use this knowledge to develop and implement an action plan to improve learning outcomes. 
(3 sessions)
Your mentor will arrange three practice observation and reflection sessions onsite at your service.
Ongoing supportYour mentor will provide ongoing support to review progress on your Inquiry Project, assess the impact of the inquiry on learning outcomes and teacher practice. 
Workplace PanelThe panel is the final stage of the process and will involve your mentor and other experienced teachers within your workplace. The panel will assess your documented evidence of practice and determine whether you have met the requirements to obtain full registration.
Submission to VITFollowing the panel meeting, the panel chair will complete a recommendation report. Service management are then required to submit the application for full registration through their services VIT Employer Portal. Where the panel chair does not work for the service, this will be provided to management prior to the application being process.

Find Out More

Click on the link below for further information on the process for moving from provisional registration to full teaching registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). 

Expressions of Interest

To enquire or submit your Expression of Interest please email or call 8624 1077.

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