We now have a FREE app! It is called School Stream and it is our new way of communicating with you.

How to download the app:

  1. From your mobile device go to the App Store (iPhone/iPad) OR Google Play (Android) and search for School Stream and download the app to your phone.
  2. Make sure you agree to push notifications.
  3. Once School Stream has finished installing, open the app, type your school name e.g. ‘Gowrie Docklands’ into the search THEN select your school
  4. The access code for each centre will be sent out in weekly email updates, and can also be requested at reception.

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem, you can view the app from your computer. Simply email us your name and email address and we will send you an invitation to create your online account.


Useful information: Click to open PDF

INSTRUCTIONS: How to get School Stream on your mobile device

Installing and Deleting the app

Tips and Tricks for users