A Gowrie coach brings an external perspective and supports teachers, leaders and teams to reflect on their strengths and needs, build their knowledge and work towards embedding new practices that will improve their service.

Effective coaching and mentoring begins with listening. We aim to understand your context, what you seek to improve at your service and why. These first conversations help develop our relationship and trust, which we believe underpin effective coaching and mentoring. We will then support you to identify and develop goals and strategies specific to your needs by reflecting on the current practice at your service. We will identify strengths, existing knowledge and expertise as well as opportunities for growth.

As we guide and support you through the process, we will share our own practical experience. Our team of experienced coaches and mentors have all been early childhood teachers. Many are based regionally and will bring a specific appreciation of the complexities, challenges and rewards you face each day.

We will share current examples from Gowrie’s own services and our work with children and families. We will provide you with resources and materials drawn from Gowrie practice and from the wider early childhood sector relevant to your context and needs.

What does coaching support look like?

We will tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. Our coaching packages combine:

  • A foundational session
  • Virtual sessions by Zoom
  • Observations and coaching with individuals or teams at your service
  • Team workshops by Zoom or at your service
  • An opportunity to visit on of Gowrie Victoria’s six Early Learning and Kindergarten services
  • Materials and other resources to share within your service

If you think coaching might be right for your service:

  • Complete the form below, e-mail Jenny at jennyc@gowrievictoria.org.au or call us on 9362 2210
  • We will discuss different packages to suit your budget
  • We will then send you a proposal working to your budget and talk you through the process
  • We will then allocate a Gowrie Coach for you and your service

At Gowrie, we have been championing good quality Early Childhood Education and Care for over 80 years. We have always believed that children have a right to access programs that reflect contemporary thinking and practice. We are proud of our history and being known as the place that generations of educators have gone to observe, be inspired and to learn. We aim to contribute widely to developing the sector through sharing knowledge and experience, providing professional support and offering professional learning programs.