We are excited to announce that Clare Court Children’s Service in Yarraville will be joining the Gowrie Victoria family!

On 24 October 2018, the members of Clare Court Children’s Service Inc. voted in approval of the merger and over the next few months, Clare Court will transition to Gowrie Victoria Clare Court.

Clare Court is a standalone early childhood centre run by the community, but this model is becoming increasingly under strain due to the complex regulatory and administrative burden affecting the whole sector, as well as growing pressures felt by parents to have the time required to be a Board member of Clare Court.

Clare Court’s philosophies, values and practices are very closely aligned with ours, and Clare Court’s Board acknowledged that Gowrie Victoria, as a larger and longer established organisation with a highly qualified board and experienced senior executive team, is much better placed than Clare Court to deal with the challenges of the evolving early childhood sector.

To continue to evolve as a centre of excellence for their children, the parent Board of Clare Court felt that Gowrie Victoria would be an excellent ‘fit’ for Clare Court, and could provide their families and children with higher standards of education and care than other potential operators.