Yes! Customised training is right for you because it is completely tailored to the unique needs of your service.

Are you looking to motivate and inspire your staff? Do you need guidance on preparing for an upcoming Assessment and Rating? Or perhaps you just need some practical support around a specific quality area?

Customised Professional Development is a fantastic way to build the quality of your service by expanding knowledge and improving practice across your whole team. We work with you to understand the unique learning needs of your team and design customised training sessions to meet the learning outcomes you desire.

What topics can customised training cover?

We can develop training on just about any topic! All sessions are linked to the National Quality Standards to enable your team to directly apply what they have learned to their work with children, families and colleagues.

Some of the topics we regularly provide training on include:

Where is the training held?

Customised training sessions can be delivered at your service, a local venue, or at one of our locations in Carlton North, Docklands and Broadmeadows.

How long is a training session?

Most customised sessions are between 2-4 hours, but we can also provide full-day training or a series of sessions over a longer period of time. The length of training will depend on how many learning outcomes you wish to cover, and how many staff require training. We suggest a class size of 15-20 to get the most out of your customised training.

So how much does it cost?

A customised training session is cost effective for groups and starts from as little as $80 per person (for a 2 hour session, based on 15 participants). Once we’ve had a short phone discussion to assess your needs, we will provide you with a quote based on your particular requirements.

I’m interested! What next?

  1. Contact us for an initial discussion of your training needs.
  2. We send you a quote outlining the details of your customised training.
  3. Once the quote is accepted and payment is made, your trainer will contact you to ensure the content delivered on the day meets your desired learning outcomes.
  4. Training is delivered, and your team is now equipped with new knowledge and skills that they can apply directly to their work!