While our kids are stuck at home, Gowrie encourages them to continue to play and learn.

Sensory Bottle Making is an activity that encourages scientific thinking in children. It also supports the development of their motor skills, language and mindfulness. Not to mention – the results are quite pretty.

Required Materials

  1. A clear container. A plastic container, such as a water bottle, is recommended for children
  2. Oil
  3. Food colouring
  4. Small buttons or beads, if you have them

Steps (Allow the children to assist you with them):

  1. Fill the container 2/3 with water
  2. Put food colouring (and buttons or beads) in the bottle
  3. Secure the lid          

The bottle can even be used as an aid when comforting a distressed child. Like so…

“Shake the bottle. Watch the items and the liquid swirl and spin fast. Just like the thoughts in your brain often swirl fast when you are angry, sad or frustrated. Now set the bottle down and watch carefully. Once the bottle is still the thoughts slow down. Can you be still too until the thoughts have settled? Try breathing slow and steady breaths as you observe the bottle. How are you feeling now?” 

STEM lessons that this experiment teaches:

This experiment meets 3 of the 5 Learning Outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework:

Main Photo: © 2018 Super Simple.