At Carlton Learning Precinct (CLP) the community come together each term to engage in their Honeypot Market, with this term’s theme ‘Everyone deserves to belong.’ 

The Honeypot Market is an initiative that stemmed from children’s curiosities in 2023 as they explored where their food was coming from with our educator team. The conversation developed into exploring markets, who goes to them, what do you find there and what do you do with the things you get from the market.

What started as a small experience has now developed into a large community event each term where each room makes things for the market, sets up table stalls and creates experiences for everyone to enjoy. “Families have embraced this as a way of celebrating their child’s learning and achievements with them as they all come together,” says Early Learning Manager, Alistair.

This term, the market coincided with both Harmony Day and Ramadan, with the theme being ‘Everyone deserves to belong.’ Alistair says that they were fortunate to celebrate both occasions and acknowledgments. The market had baked goods, mango sago pudding, key chains, self-portraits, bracelets, take home packs and a disco for everyone to unwind.

“Children show great excitement through the day about the market which continued at their pickup when they ran with their parents to see what was available and what they could share together,” says Alistair. “The sense of community and pride in the market from all involved makes this a successful event that only gets bigger and better each term.”