Elicia Napoli has joined the Adult Learning team at Gowrie Victoria as our new Senior Consultant! With over 14 years’ experience in the sector, she joins us from her previous role as Manager of our Carlton North Early Learning Service. A natural leader, Elicia is experienced at leading and enriching the role of educators, strengthening team performances, and achieving service goals. She is especially passionate about supporting families and educators, meeting regulations, and developing innovative, high-quality care and education programs for children.

As part of Gowrie’s commitment to championing good early childhood education and care, Elicia will be running three professional development sessions over the next few months. In each session, Elicia will focus on a specific topic and share how Gowrie Victoria demonstrates theory into practice. Elicia will offer practical ideas that you can apply directly to your day-to-day work, as well as sharing from her own experience.

All sessions are held at our Carlton North Early Learning Service and include a tour of the centre and our unique observation booths. They run from 5.00pm – 7.30pm and cost $170 per person.

The Professional Development Sessions:

February 13 – Out and About: Planning for Excursions (QA2 & QA5)

Explore the benefits of excursions and regular outings in your community, and learn how to plan and prepare for children’s safety. Get new ideas for excursions and how you can develop them into amazing learning experiences.

February 26 – Play-based Learning Spaces (QA1 & QA3)

Learn how to set up and create learning spaces that extend on children’s interest. Be inspired to create open-ended and engaging play spaces for children to explore, create and discover.

March 14 – Authentic Partnerships with Families (QA6)

Build your confidence and improve your skills around creating respectful relationships with families. Learn strategies to enhance communication with families and work with them in an authentic partnership.