During June, Gowrie has been supporting National Burns Awareness Month to help raise awareness of fire safety and the correct first aid treatment of burns.

National Burns Awareness Month is an initiative of Kidsafe Australia, run in partnership with the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association. The campaign is held in June each year because there is a significantly increased risk of burns during winter. The aim of the month is to drive greater awareness amongst the Australian community of burns prevention and the correct first aid treatment for burns.

Kidsafe Australia is an independent, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death and serious injury to children aged 0–15 years. 

At Gowrie, we continue to promote the safe use of fire – demonstrated particularly in the recent introduction of a fire pit at our Carlton North service. This involved checking fire ratings, discussing colours, and implementing fire safety rules.

National Burns Awareness Month 2021

Did you know? 

Last year, 3,367 people were admitted to a burns service in Australia, and 23% of children admitted did not receive the recommended pre-hospital treatment.

Prevention and treatment of burns and scalds

Prevent – take action to prevent burns and scalds.
Remove – remove yourself from danger. Remove any clothing and jewellery from the burn
area unless stuck to the skin.
Cool – place the burn under cool running water for twenty minutes. Items like ice, oil or
butter should never be placed on a burn.
Cover the burn with a clean dressing.
Seek medical attention if the burn or scald is on the face, hands, feet, genitals or buttocks, is
larger than a 20-cent coin, or is blistered.

At Gowrie, we have put up posters to show our support and involvement and help to raise awareness amongst in our local community.

NBAM Gowrie Carlton North

If you would like to access further resources surrounding fire safety, please head to the National Burns Awareness Month page.