Thank you to all 339 families who completed our survey earlier this year.  Although our teams see you each day and know you very well, it’s important that we seek your feedback on a regular basis and seek ways to understand more about your experience with Gowrie.  Collating these responses really provide us with insights into what we do well, what you want us to more of and anything we could do better or differently.  Responses have been shared with the Gowrie Executive and Board and also reviewed at each site.

Almost one-third of families have been at Gowrie for more than two years.  Around 60% considered other centres before Gowrie whilst 40% only considered Gowrie.  98.5% of families recommend Gowrie to other families and you gave Gowrie an overall rating of 4.56 stars out of five.  This is really important given most families come to Gowrie based on a recommendation and reputation.

Although responses vary across Gowrie services, there is a clear thread that the educational approach, the staff, the learning through play & fun and the inside/outside play areas that are the things families value most.  We’re really pleased to see this endorsement of quality education and strong relationships and that these are valued highly.  We asked open ended question on what we could improve or for any other feedback and there were a very broad mix of specific ideas or feedback on operational issues or more generally on communication.  This is really useful feedback and thank you for sharing.  Some of these will be specific to sites and others will be issues we consider across Gowrie in 2021.  There were many specific acknowledgments of our teams or individual staff too and we thank you for taking the time to do this.

How did families hear about Gowrie?

What made families choose to send their child to Gowrie?

What do families like most about Gowrie?

What Makes Gowrie Different to other centres?

How would you describe Gowrie in three words?