The Victoria Department of Education and Training recently attended our Broadmeadows Valley Children’s Program for 2 days and assessed the service under the National Quality Standards and National Regulations. The purpose of the assessment and rating process is to determine if, and at what rating level, the service meets the National Quality Standards and the National Regulations.

We are very proud to announce we achieved a rating of EXCEEDING National Quality Standards! The service also received an Exceeding rating for all 7 Quality Areas.

Special thanks go to our Broadmeadows Valley manager, Michelle Gujer, and all of the hard-working staffing team who have been so committed to this service throughout the 2 year journey.

Our Broadmeadows Valley community and partnerships with staff and families have absolutely contributed to this rating, by allowing us to constantly reflect on our practice, strive for better and therefore provide a high quality service for families and children.

Do you want to learn more about improving your service’s rating?

Our new workshop, Preparing for Assessment and Rating, is an intensive 3 day workshop consisting of 6 sessions that will help you to prepare for your own service’s assessment. Michelle Gujer will feature as a guest speaker, sharing her experience in gaining exceeding in 2 services and securing an Excellent rating for our Docklands service.