Traineeships are a great way to attract new people into the sector or as a way for existing staff to develop their skills and knowledge. Traineeships are popular as someone can both work and study at the same time

Why choose Gowrie Victoria as a training provider?

Our focus is solely on early childhood education and we draw on decades of training and professional learning experience.  As well as delivering high-quality training and offering practical experience, our team will work closely with you to tailor the program to ensure it is relevant for the needs of your service.

As part of the Student Satisfaction Survey, the Department of Education surveyed employers of Gowrie graduates, and according to our 2019 results:

You could offer Certificate III qualified staff the opportunity to upskill to the Diploma or take on a new trainee.  If you already have someone ready to start as a trainee, they could join our December class or alternatively start in the new year.  This is likely to be the last opportunity for entry level Diploma trainees prior to the release of the new Certificate III and Diploma qualifications.

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