Always was. Always will be.

We acknowledge the land that we learn and play on as Wurundjeri people’s land. During #NAIDOCWeek children across Gowrie have explored the idea of connection to earth and the natural environment.
We created a mural incorporating the colours of the Aboriginal flag and banners in our foyers. We respectfully collected sticks to create the beginning of Bunjil’s nest. By using our feet we began to understand that when walking on the land, no matter how gently, we all have an impact. We used clay to represent our own interpretation of land and what we feel grateful for in this space. We explored ‘Why the Magpie laughs at dawn’, a Noongar dreamtime story from the region where Kelly’s (one of our educators) family and ancestors are from. We worked collaboratively and children have explained their work to their families.
We are grateful for the generosity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who share their knowledge, resources and stories with us.