“The day the fourth lockdown was announced, the Kinder B children at Broadmeadows Valley were just about to set off to our local café for baby chinos. Before we stepped out of the classroom, lockdown was put into place.

The children and educators were disappointed. We then had a conversation about how we could still have the café experience here at Gowrie Broadmeadows.

On 2nd June, the children worked together to make a sign, set the tables up and arrange tablecloths and flowers. With that, the Classy Café was born. An Educator took the children’s orders and within 10 minutes the baby chinos were delivered to us from Degani Café, Broadmeadows.

Even though we’re in lockdown, we understand the importance of staying connected with our local community and upholding our word with the children.

Kinder B.”

The unique design of Gowrie Broadmeadows Valley provides relationship-building opportunities through a shared outdoor space and close connections to the wider community, including Broadmeadows Valley Primary School.

Following the creation of Classy Café, the children are in the process of making a framed, A4 ‘thank you’ to Afif, the owner of Degani, Broadmeadows.