Thinking of becoming an early childhood trainee through Gowrie Victoria? Here’s what others have to say.

We talk to Ebony at Broadmeadows Valley Early Learning Centre about their experience as a trainee at Gowrie. When you complete a traineeship through Gowrie Victoria, you can be employed as you study towards your qualification and will be supported from start to finish.

Ebony started her traineeship with Gowrie in 2012 when she was 16. She attended Gowrie Docklands one day per week and on the other four days she would go to school.

How did you hear about Gowrie?

“I wanted to drop out of high school in year 11 and I think my school had ties with Gowrie. My Careers Coordinator set me up with them and I enrolled. I ended up doing my classes and placement at Gowrie for 12 months.  After my Cert III, I went back to school for a year and then at the end of 2013 I worked at Gowrie and started my Diploma. Now I’m working towards my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.”

Did you feel supported as a trainee at Gowrie?

“Yes, definitely! It was supportive and welcoming as soon as I walked in. I was really lucky with the room leaders I worked with as well. They often helped me look over my work and gave me that time to have one-on-one catch ups and always give me feedback.”

What did you enjoy the most about being a Gowrie trainee?

“My favourite thing about doing a traineeship at Gowrie is that you’re always encouraged to continue growing. I’ve gotten to do little projects like the on-country kinder programme and the fire pit project, so things like that are really exciting. You get to learn the process of putting things in place and seeing your ideas come to life. Becoming an Early Years Leader was quite proud moment for me – it just really showed that my work had been recognised.”

Would you recommend being a trainee to others?

“Absolutely! The way I see trainees get supported it’s definitely very evident that they’re learning a lot and you see their confidence grow constantly. We’re very lucky with our staffing situation, too, because we work over ratio which means there’s more room to support trainees.”

Do you want to find out more?

Working in early childhood education can be extremely rewarding. Our learning environments are welcoming, encouraging, and well-known in the sector for being high-quality.

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