Thinking of becoming an early childhood trainee through Gowrie Victoria? Here’s what others have to say.

We talk to Megan at Broadmeadows Valley Early Learning Centre about their experience as a trainee at Gowrie. When you choose to become a trainee through Gowrie Victoria, you can be employed as you study towards your qualification and will be mentored and supported through the entire process.

Megan started her traineeship at Gowrie in 2018 after working in a range of different hospitality jobs. Now, Megan has her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and is working in a secondment leadership role at our Broadmeadows centre.

How did you hear about traineeships at Gowrie?

“My Mum is a kindergarten teacher and she said that she had heard about Gowrie and how good it is. I searched Gowrie traineeships online and then an information night popped up. I went to that and they explained what traineeships look like. I applied, got an interview, and was successful. Then I was offered the position as a full-time trainee at the end of April 2018.”

What was your experience like as a Gowrie trainee?

“Being able to put what I learnt into practice while I was studying really helped because I’m more of a visual, hands-on learner. Coming in and seeing everything in action helped me so much.

I loved the support after my learning, too. I was a bit nervous coming to the end of my traineeship – about what the next step would be – but my manager was so supportive.  Coming towards the end she told me that there were jobs available and encouraged me to apply. There was no feeling of being left high and dry.”

Would you recommend being a Gowrie trainee to others?

“100% yes! For sure – it’s the best way to go rather than just studying online, because when you learn the theory on paper, you think it’s going to be one way and then you come in and put it into practice and it’s different. That’s important because this job is so hands-on. You learn a lot about relationships with children, staff and families. I recommend it – especially for visual learners.”

Are you ready to become an early childhood educator?

We offer the minimum qualification to work in early childhood, the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. If you aren’t sure which qualification to do, we can help you decide.

Call our friendly team today on 1300 446 974 to discuss your career in early childhood education and care.