Thinking of becoming an early childhood education trainee at Gowrie? Here’s what others have to say.

Before starting at Gowrie Clare Court as a trainee early childhood educator, Julia worked in retail for five years. After studying Community Services at school and working a Red Cross volunteer, Julia knew that she wanted a job that involved making a difference to people every day.

How did you find out about the traineeship at Gowrie?

“During COVID, I was scrolling through SEEK and the traineeship at just Gowrie popped up. I was looking for something meaningful to pursue long term. I read about the traineeship, and it sounded amazing, so I applied.”

What has your experience as a trainee been like?

“My experience has been incredible because I personally love hands-on work. I always struggled during school – learning just theory from a teacher without being shown things. At Gowrie you learn as you go and learn from the different teams that you work with. I’m very grateful for the chance to have such a helpful, hands-on experience. It’s such a great opportunity.”

Have you had like a favourite moment at Gowrie?

“I’ve had so many favourite moments – it’s hard to pinpoint one!

The best part is being able to connect with the children. I have a disability, so for me going into the room at first, I was scared that I might be judged – but then everyone accepted me and made me feel welcome. I felt like I was going to be pushed aside because I have a disability – especially as it’s one that children can physically see.

My favourite moments have been getting to know and getting to experience things with the children, but also the sense of belonging – the feeling of community with both the children and their families.”

Would you recommend being a trainee to others?

“I would definitely recommend it. It’s a great, hands-on way to work with children even if you don’t have prior experience. I had volunteered at a children’s hospital and did some babysitting, but apart from that, I hadn’t worked with children before at all.

You get a wage, but you also learn in such a practical way. You don’t just learn in the classroom and then get your qualification. You get it through experience. You get it through working with different people and learning different things from others.

I wouldn’t do this course any other way because for me, I couldn’t sit in a classroom all day to learn. Then you’d go into the workplace and think, ‘now what do I do?!’ We have the hands-on experience – whether we then choose stay with Gowrie afterwards or not, and we have the practical experience of observing the children and learning with them – which is just so valuable.”

Are you ready to become an early childhood educator?

We offer traineeships in the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. If you aren’t sure which qualification to do, we can help you decide.

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