Thinking of becoming an early childhood education trainee at Gowrie? Hear what others have to say.

Before becoming Gowrie’s very first trainee in 2018, Erin was already working as an Educator at Carlton North. The traineeship provided Erin with the chance to upskill and further cement her early childhood education knowledge.

How did you find out about Gowrie?

“I was working at another early childhood provider when a friend moved to Gowrie and recommended Carlton North to me. I ended up applying for a Diploma position and, even though I only had my Cert III, I must have had the right vibe and experience because I ended up getting the job.”

How would you describe your experience as a Gowrie trainee?

“I’d already been working at Gowrie for a couple of years, so the traineeship was more of a upskill for me. It allowed me to gain my Diploma, which I had been putting off for years.

A few weeks after I signed up for the traineeship, I found out I was pregnant. I was studying and getting bigger and working and everything – then my little person decided he would come seven weeks early! I dropped everything and put the traineeship on hold until I was able to come back to work.

I came back when he was about seven months old, in a part time position, two days a week, and picked up classes again. It was bit tricky juggling going back to work, having a newborn, and the study – but Carolina, my trainer, was very accommodating.

I think having already worked in the industry for four years before I started, it was really good cementing the knowledge that I had built over that time. I definitely learnt a lot of new things. I had some beautiful discussions with others doing the course – we explored different perspectives with other trainees who were from a range of ages and cultural backgrounds.”

Have you worked at other Gowrie services, aside from Carlton North?

“This year I did a secondment at Carlton Learning Precinct for three months – helping establish Room 1. The educators at both sites have been amazing and I loved having the chance to learn from everyone there.”

Have you had a favourite moment at Gowrie so far?

“It’s all about the smaller moments for me. I had a couple of children over the years that it took months and months to form a bond with, and then suddenly, they click and become more comfortable with you.

You might have a child that you’ve been working with, and they pick something up and show you a new skill that you haven’t seen them have before. I think that’s what I appreciate the most – the little everyday wins. In the younger rooms you might have somebody saying a new word, or when they try putting on their shoes and they can finally do it they’re just so proud of themselves.”

Would you recommend an early childhood traineeship to others?

“Yes, definitely! I think it’s really beneficial – whether you’re new and starting fresh, or you want to upskill from having your Cert III, there’s always something to learn from someone. Having such diverse classes as well means that you meet a lot of people who do things in different ways, so you can learn a lot from those learning with you.”  

Are you ready to become an early childhood educator?

We offer traineeships in the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. If you aren’t sure which qualification is for you, we can help you decide.

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