Thinking of becoming an early childhood education trainee at Gowrie Victoria? Here’s what others have to say.

Vanessa is a Diploma Trainee at Gowrie Clare Court and started her early childhood education career in November 2020. Before coming to Gowrie, Vanessa worked in clothing retail management and has experience in movement therapy for children with additional needs.

How did you find out about traineeships at Gowrie?

I was just scrolling on SEEK one day looking at the options that I had to work with children again. I just typed in ‘childcare traineeships’ and Gowrie came up as a top result. I was reading all about it and it just sounded amazing. I applied and I got a call later that day. I always really loved working with children and that’s what attracted me to the position.

What has your Gowrie experience been like?

Amazing! I think it’s a phenomenal opportunity to be able to have such a varied range of experiences – particularly because for most of the year I’ve been working across I’m a couple of different rooms, getting a feel for different age groups and different staffing teams, which has been incredibly helpful.

The word that always comes to mind is ‘thorough’ – particularly the class work that I’ve done with Kelly Sweeting – she’s phenomenal, and her wealth of knowledge is just unspeakably incredible. She’s such a great support. The classes are amazing. I’m getting this really in-depth learning experience from her through the diploma education side of things, and then the practical experience is just unmatched.

Everything that we learned in class I can practice every single day and vice versa. The things that I see every day I can question when I go back to class. That means I can improve constantly. If I was doing a regular diploma, where I wasn’t doing hands-on experience, I think it would be really difficult to read a textbook and then suddenly have to go to placement unarmed.  

What’s been your favourite moment as a trainee at Gowrie?

I could name 1,000! I think particularly because I’ve been really drawn to the under three age rooms, I’ve had some great experiences with young babies and toddlers. Like when they’ve had their first words and have said my name and it feels like oh my goodness – I’m actually making an impact on these children’s lives. It’s so enriching because I guess I realised the impact that we as educators can have on children – no matter how young.

Would you recommend being a trainee to others?

In a heartbeat – absolutely! I think it provides the most incredible benefit.  It’s brilliant, I mean it’s truly incredible. Even when I tell people that I‘m doing the traineeship and earning a wage, while getting hands-on experience and finishing my diploma, they’re amazed!

Are you ready to become an early childhood educator?

We offer traineeships in the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. If you aren’t sure which qualification to do, we can help you decide.

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